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Modelling Dusts

This range of modelling dusts is a favourite with our customers. Modelling dusts are produced from totally natural materials - Real Brick and Real Stone with no artificial colours added, giving you true, natural colours. Mixed with PVA and water they have numerous uses. For example, you could use the Gault, Light Grey or Sandstone dusts to give a stone effect on wooden quoin stones and ornate windows such as the chapel window shown in this photo. The red brick dusts are great for giving the effect of a tiled window ledge, or steps, useful in awkward areas where there is not enough space for brickslips. The dark grey dust is a favourite of the model railway enthusiasts. Just one pack of dust is enough to coat the windows of an average sized house. Supplied in 100g packs. Chapel Window
4003LR LIGHT RED Light Red
4003DR DARK RED Dark Red
4003DG DARK GREY Dark Grey
4003LG LIGHT GREY Light Grey
4003G GAULT Gault
4003S SANDSTONE Sandstone


100g PACK £1.95

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