Bricks : Instructions for Use

  1. Soak your bricks in water and leave to drain on kitchen towel. They can then be laid just like full sized bricks using our Mortar/Grout mix. Allow approx. 1mm joints.
  2. Start from the corners, laying just a few courses at a time, checking that the courses are level and upright as you go. Leave to dry before laying the next few courses.
  3. Any gaps in joints can be grouted in once the wall is completed. If you need to grout your wall, allow to dry for 24 hours, then coat with a 50/50 mix of PVA and water to seal the face of the bricks. Leave to dry, then grout using our Mortar/Grout mix, working it well into the joints and wiping clean with a cold damp cloth. DO NOT allow the grout to dry on the face of the bricks.
  4. Cut your bricks using a craft knife or junior hacksaw or shape them by rubbing on a medium grade abrasive paper.

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