Cobble Stones : Instructions for Use

  1. Make sure the surface on which the cobbles are to be stuck is clean and dry.
  2. Apply PVA to the back of each piece of stone and glue in place allowing approx. 1mm for mortar joints. Allow glue to dry thoroughly before proceeding.
  3. Softer stone can be cut with a craft knife, simply score then snap over a straight edge. For harder stone you can use a junior hacksaw or tile pliers. To round edges rub onto medium grade abrasive paper.
  4. Mix equal parts PVA and water together and using a brush, paint this over your cobbles, this will bring the colour out in the stone and help with removing the grout later. Allow to dry before proceeding. Your cobbles are now ready for grouting.
  5. Instructions for grouting can be found on the packet of our Mortar/Grout mix. Please note. While other grouts can give satisfactory results some DO NOT. We therefore recommend the use of our Mortar/Grout to assure a reliable realistic finish.

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