Mortar/Grout Mix : Instructions for Use

  1. This adhesive is ideal for building free standing brick walls and also gives very good results when used as a grout. Please Note. While other grouts can give satisfactory results some do not! We therefore recommend the use of our Mortar/Grout to assure a reliable realistic finish.
  2. We recommend that you coat the surface of your bricks or tiles with a 50/50 mix of PVA and water and allow to dry before you grout them in.
  3. To use:- mix with water to form a stiff paste. Add a small quantity of PVA adhesive (1/2 tsp per packet) and mix thoroughly. (The addition of PVA will delay the cement setting too quick and give a stronger bond). Add more water if needed to form a smooth thick cream. The adhesive is now ready for use.
  4. To grout:- Use a moist cloth and smooth the prepared cement over your brickslips, tiles etc, filling all joints as you go (work on a small area at a time).
  5. Immediately, using cold water, wipe off the surplus cement with a sponge, rinsing regularly, until all surplus cement has been removed. Leave to dry.
  6. IMPORTANT : Always remove all surplus cement from face of bricks or slips before it is allowed to dry.

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