Rough Faced Stone : Instructions for Use

  1. Rough Faced Stone is supplied in 3 to 4 different widths in various length pieces. You can therefore choose to lay the stone in regular courses or in a more random way.
  2. To cut or shape the stone you can use a craft knife and sandpaper or for thicker pieces of stone a pair of tile pliers are recommended.
  3. Mix up some Mortar/Grout mix as per the instructions on the packet until you have a reasonably thick cream. Please note. While other grouts can give satisfactory results some DO NOT. We therefore recommend the use of our Mortar/Grout to assure a reliable realistic finish.
  4. Apply a layer of mortar to a small area and push your stone into the mortar mix while it is still wet, keeping the face of the stone clean. Repeat this process until the whole of the wall is complete.

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