Stone Roofing Slabs : Instructions for Use

  1. Make sure your roof surface is clean and dry. Glue a thin 2mm x 2mm strip of card or wood across the lower edge of your roof to allow the slabs to lay at the correct angle.
  2. To help keep your rows level draw a pencil line across the roof where your first row of slabs will lay. Then continue to draw horizontal lines to the top of the roof, remembering to allow each row of slabs to overlap by approx. half the length.
  3. Use a good quality PVA adhesive to fix the slabs into position one row at a time, keeping the rough edge of the slabs at the bottom. Start by using the larger stone slabs and progress to smaller slabs as you near the top of the roof.
  4. To cut, score with a craft knife and then snap over a straight edge, or use tile pliers.
  5. Continue to lay your roofing slabs until your roof is completed, then cap with Ridge Tiles. If required, weather your roof using a water based stain.

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