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Using our Products

All products will be supplied with complete instructions for use. For your information we have provided the instructions for each product below. If you would like further advice on any of our products send an email to or call us on 01243 681240.

Click on the Products below for their instructions.

Mortar/Grout Mix

BRICKS AND CLADDING Bricks Rough Faced Stone Pier Cappings
Shaped Bricks Coursed Stone Quoin Stones
Brickslips Dressed Stone
Corner Slips Coarse Grit/Flint

ROOFING Roof Tiles Ridge Tiles Stone Roofing Slabs
Real Slate Chimney Pots

FLOORING AND PAVING Floor Tiles Sq Random Flagstones Crazy Paving
Floor Blocks 2" x 1 1/2" Flagstones Slate Flooring
Brick Paviors Patio Slabs Vinyl Tiles
Kerbstones Fine Grit
Cobble Stones Peas/Pebblestones

Don't be afraid to experiment. Try laying your tiles, slips, etc in place and then move them around until you are happy with them. Look at buildings around you to see how it is done in full size, you will discover that they are far from perfect. Try sticking a few on a small piece of card or wood and experiment with grouting them in, this way you don't spoil your finished model.

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