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Richard Stacey's Real Slate Click for instructions

Genuine hand split Real Slate for the most realistic finish to your roof. Standard size supplied is 20mm x 40mm which equates to countess size. Other sizes can be cut on request. Simply glue onto a wooden roof with Pva adhesive or Uhu. Full instructions provided. PRODUCT CODE No. 3013RS
Also available slate & a half tiles, ideal for beginning and ends of rows. PRODUCT CODE No. 3013SHF
See also our Simulated Slate Ridge Tiles to match and Real Lead.



PACK OF 100 £12.50 74 sq ins - 476 sq cms
PACK OF 10 Slate and a half tiles £4.20 Each tile 30mm x 40mm

Coverage Hints and Tips

Real Thin Rolled Lead

We supply lead in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. Plain Lead is available 1" wide x 12" long (RL02). This is ideal for flashing on dormer windows or chimney stacks. Plain Lead 3" wide x 12" long (RL03) is suitable for flat roofs, tops of flat dormers or bay windows. The decorative edged lead (RL04 and RL05) can be used as an attractive trimming to a flat roof or as an apron below a window. We also offer Roll Topped Ridging, available in Plain (RL06), Small Scalloped (RL07) or Large Scalloped (RL08), each piece is 3" long. Lovely thin real lead suitable for use as lead flashing, on ridges, valleys, hips, flat or pitched roofs. Easy to cut with scissors.

RL02 Plain lead 12" x 1" £3.50
RL03 Plain lead 12" x 3" £9.95
RL04 Decorative edged Small Scallop 12" x 1" £5.25
RL05 Decorative edged Large Scallop 12" x 1" £5.25
RL06 Roll topped ridging Plain - 3" long £4.60
RL07 Roll topped ridging Small Scallop - 3" long £5.95
RL08 Roll topped ridging Large Scallop - 3" long £5.95

Plain Lead Small Scallop Large Scallop
Plain Lead Small Scallop Large Scallop

Picture (right).
RL03 - 3" x 12" Lead has been used on the flat roof. Balsa wood has been used to make batons before the lead is glued into place.
RL05 - Decorative Edged Large Scallop has been used as a trimming along the edge of the roof.
RL08 - Large Scallop Roll Topped Ridging has been used along the top of the dormer windows.
Real Thin Rolled Lead

Lead Flashing Lead Flashing

Chimney Pots Click for instructions

Our chimney pots are cut from real brick and coated to give an extremely realistic finish. We even take the trouble to give them a sooty interior!

Height 1 1/4" (can be cut to other sizes on request - an additional charge is made for this service).

In a choice of two colours:-

1015C CHERRY Orange Chimney PotCherry Chimney Pot


PACK OF 2 £5.95

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