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This is a lovely range of lightweight products for cladding your dollshouse or model. They are made from card and coated to give a realistic finish. Simply glue into position using PVA adhesive. Cut or shape with scissors, snips or a craft knife.

All the products are reversible, offering a variety of finishes. For example, Red/Dark Versi Slips can create :-
  • a red wall
  • a dark wall
  • a red and dark mixed wall
  • a red wall with a dark pattern
  • a dark wall with a red pattern
Try experimenting with different effects on your house, dark bricks with red bricks as dressings on the edges, or around the windows. Get creative!

View our Versi Slips, Versi Corners, Versi Flags, Versi Slate, Versi Slate Ridge Tiles, Versi Tiles and Versi Tile Ridges.

PICTURE (RIGHT) : Sid Cooke Corner Shop. Clad with 8077YB Yellow/Buff Versi slips and 8019YB Yellow/Buff Versi corners. 8013SL Versi slates, light grey side up. The hip has been finished by folding the roof tiles in half and cutting to size. Flat Roof and top of window finished with Real Lead. The quoins, window cills and dressings have been coated with Gault Modelling Dust 4003G to give a stone effect.

Corner Shop

Versi Slips

Versi slips are made from card and given a textured brick coating on both sides, making them reversible and allowing many colour combinations. Light, flexible and easy to cut with scissors or a craft knife. No grouting is necessary, simply paint the area you are going to clad with a mortar coloured background before sticking on your slips with PVA adhesive, Tacky Glue or Uhu. Leave approx. 1mm joints and stagger joints on every row. Available in 2 types :- red/dark mix or yellow/buff mix.

Yellow/Buff versi slips
Red/Dark versi slips
L8077RD RED/DARK LARGE PACK OF 500 £7.95 80 sq ins - 520 sq cms
B8077RD RED/DARK BULK PACK OF 1000 £14.95 160 sq ins - 1040 sq cms
L8077YB YELLOW/BUFF LARGE PACK OF 500 £7.95 80 sq ins - 520 sq cms
B8077YB YELLOW/BUFF BULK PACK OF 1000 £14.95 160 sq ins - 1040 sq cms

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Versi Corners

Corner slips are also available for use with the slips. These are elongated slips, simply score lightly on the reverse where you wish to go round the corner, then fold and glue in place. Available in 2 types to match slips :- red/dark mix or yellow/buff mix.

L8019RD RED/DARK PACK OF 100 £3.50 22 1/2 ins - 57 cms
L8019YB YELLOW/BUFF PACK OF 100 £3.50 22 1/2 ins - 57 cms
Ashcombe Manor

This fabulous house belongs to Valerie Chapman who has used Red/Dark Versi slips on the building and Versi Slates on the roof - what a wonderful job she has made of it! Ashcombe Manor is made by the Dolls House Builder.

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Versi Flags

These lovely flagstones are made from card and are reversible. They have a real sandstone finish on one side and rustic slate finish on the other, so you can choose which you would prefer for your project. They are supplied in packs of individual random sized flags approx. 1mm thick. Just paint the background the colour of your choice (we have found darker colours look best). Then glue in place with Tacky Glue or Uhu.

S8009YS/SL SM - VERSI FLAGS £3.95 25 sq ins - 161 sq cms
L8009YS/SL LG - VERSI FLAGS £12.95 100 sq ins - 645 sq cms

Rustic Slate side Sandstone side

Coverage Hints and Tips

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